12 Best Bluetooth Speakers in India 2020 (Under 1000 to 20000)

Updated on 2020-03-15 by Geetansh Arora

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Portable Bluetooth speakers allow you to enjoy the music without the hassle of wires and power input. You can easily carry it to while traveling or move across easily within your home.  With the increasing demand, there are hundreds of portable wireless bluetooth speakers available in the market and in this article we are going to take at look at the 12 best bluetooth speakers in India 2020.

Best wireless portable speakers from brands like boAt, JBL, Bose, Sony, LG and more have been covered on this list. The pricing of the speakers starts from around under 1000 and goes up to 20000. The first seven speakers are in the price bracket of 1000 to 5000 followed by the premium bluetooth speakers in the price range of 8000 to 20000. Most of the users are looking for a bluetooth speaker under 2000 or 3000, so they can look at the first few options. Let us now take a look at the best wireless bluetooth speakers in India 2020.

Here is the list of 12 best bluetooth speakers in India:

boAt Stone 170 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
JBL Go Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker 2
Portronics POR 871 SounDrum Stereo Bluetooth Speaker
Mivi Roam Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
JBL Tuner Portable Bluetooth Speaker
boAt Stone 1400 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
Bose SoundLink Color II Bluetooth Speaker
JBL Flip 5 IPX7 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
Sony SRS XB41 Extra Bass Bluetooth Speaker
Anker Soundcore 25 W Bluetooth Speaker
LG XBoom GoPK3 IPX7 Bluetooth Speaker

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1. boAt Stone 170 Portable Bluetooth Speakers:

Nice Design, Great Sound and IPX6 Water Resistance makes boAt Stone 170 the top pick of our list.

boAt Stone 170 is an IPX6 rated water-resistant speaker and has a sound output of 5W. The design of the speaker is new and unique. There are 4 buttons at the top to change volume and power up the speaker. The charging port and the card slot is on the side. A USB cable is included in the box to charge the speaker.

The performance of the speaker is excellent. It can get very loud so you can use it outdoors as well. The battery inside is 1800 mAh and you can expect a backup of 4-6 hours depending on the volume and other factors.

If you are looking for a portable bluetooth speaker under 1000 or 1500, then this is a great option.

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2. JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Mic:

JBL GO's noise free speakerphone delivers crystal clear sound and works great for calling.

JBL is a brand that needs no introduction. GO is one of the most affordable speakers from JBL and they offer great value for money. JBL GO is available in 8 different colors so you have plenty of options to choose from. The design of the speaker is a pretty basic brick-shaped design with control buttons on the top to power up/down, change volume, connect via bluetooth, etc. The speaker comes with a noise-canceling speakerphone and has a dedicated button for calling as well. You can also use that button to access Google Assitant or Siri.

The overall sound output is great. Bass is something that could have been a bit better. The rated sound output is 3W and you can expect a battery backup of around 4 hours.

JBL Go is our favorite and one of the best bluetooth speakers under 2000 in India.

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3. Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker 2 with Mic:

As the name suggests, it is lightweight and compact and is a great option for indoor usage.

Mi Compact is a small and powerful bluetooth speaker with a sound output of 2W. It has a regular cylinder-shaped design with 50mm diameter and 32 mm height so that's how small this speaker is. It is made of plastic and the base is rubber which gives a good grip.

The battery inside is 480 mAh and would last for 4-6 hours on a single charge. The sound output is impressive considering its small size. There is an inbuilt mic as well so you can take calls.

Go for it if you are going to use it in a small or medium-sized room. If you need a speaker for outdoor use, you should go for something more powerful with 5 to 10W sound output. For a tight budget of under 1000, this speaker can be your pick.

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4. Portronics POR-871 SoundDrum Stereo Speaker:

Portronics SoundDrum delivers 10W powerful sound output which blows away the competition.

Are you looking for something more powerful that can get really loud? Portronics SoundDrum might be the answer for you. SoundDrum delivers an impressive sound output of 10W and is way ahead of other speakers on this list. Even at high volumes, there is minimal distortion, and the bass is decent as well. There is an 1800 mAh battery inside, giving you a backup of 5 to 7 hours, which is excellent. 

The design is very premium, and the speaker feels solid in hand. Plus, it is water-resistant, and it can withstand splashing and light rain. In addition to bluetooth, there are plenty of other options like a USB port, AUX-in, and FM support using which you can play music.

Overall, it is a fully loaded speaker with plenty of features, powerful sound, and a great design.

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5. Mivi Roam Wireless Bluetooth Speaker:

Great design and no distortion even at high volume make it a compelling buy.

Mivi Road is a well built wireless bluetooth speaker with a dustproof mesh on top and a rubberized bottom. The bluetooth speaker is splash resistant so it can withstand light rain. Mivi Roam comes with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 so connectivity is excellent.

The sound output of Mivi Roam is 5W, and it can last for 4-5 hours on a single charge. The speakers deliver crystal clear sound even at high volumes with good bass. You can also pair two speakers together to get stereo output. 

Connectivity options are limited here; you can either use bluetooth or AUX to play music. There's no option for an SD card or FM.

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6. JBL Tuner Portable Bluetooth Speaker:

Sturdy quality with premium looks offering good audio with FM support

This bluetooth speaker from JBL outputs good audio quality owing to the JBL signature sound feature. The build quality is sturdy and looks premium. The top of the speaker comes with physical buttons to adjust the volume and for tuning FM radio stations.

There is a small LCD display that shows the current status of the speaker, running FM stations, battery charging status.  It packs a 1500 mAh battery to deliver around 6 to 7 hours of music. The battery takes around 3 to 4 hours for charging.

It is easy to carry around with compact size and comes with a one year warranty from JBL. This is easily the best bluetooth speaker under 3000.

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7. boAt Stone 1400 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker:

Powerful audio and build quality offering great music experience

boAt stone 400 is one of the most powerful speakers and is also the best bluetooth speaker under 5000. It comes with a unique design that looks elegant. 

It offers 30 W audio output and very well handles heavy and loud bass. The 20 W built-in woofer offers an enriching experience. There is a 2500 mAh battery to give around 6 hours of backup and a type C cable for charging. 

For connectivity, it supports Bluetooth, Aux and USB connectivity giving you the ease of usage. It comes with IPX5 certification that makes it water-resistant.

It is a must for every house party and if you have a budget of under 5000. There is one year of manufacturer warranty for this bluetooth speaker.

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8. Bose SoundLink Color II Bluetooth Speaker:

Great audio output with dual passive radiators keeping vibrations at a minimum

The Bose SoundLink Color II is built to deliver a fantastic audio experience that you can carry anywhere. The tactile buttons on top include the power, pairing, device changing button, volume down, voice assistance, and finally, the volume up buttons. The speaker features a soft-touch silicone exterior giving the speaker a comfortable experience. The Color II can also be taken to pool parties as Bose has added a water-resistant coating on the speaker.

The speaker comes in five different colors: Red, Blue, White, Yellow, and Blue. While all the colors look great, blue is our favorite. With connectivity coverage up to 30 feet, you can rest assured not to be disconnected. Thanks to the dual passive radiator’s vibrations are bought down to an absolute bare minimum. The sound coming from the speakers is going to be full and distortion-free. With 8 hours of battery life, a piece of fantastic music, the experience undoubtedly will be amazing.

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9. JBL Flip 5 20 W IPX7 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker:

Waterproof, bass-heavy speakers with long-lasting battery life

The JBL Flip 5 is a 20W Bluetooth speaker with more punch than what your average TV speakers can provide. Coming in with huge passive bass radiators that are placed externally, the speaker delivers excellent bass with minimum distortion. With 12+ hours of battery life, you would be spending more time listening to songs than charging your speaker. With 10 colors to choose from, you will not be restricted to selecting the classic black or white colors that you usually have to choose from.

Apart from the bass-heavy sound from the radiators and the massive 20W sound output the Flip 5 also comes with IPX7 ratings. Thanks to this, the JBL Flip 5 is waterproof and can easily be taken to those fancy pool parties.

JBL Flip 5 also comes with PartyBoost feature, which allows you to pair two JBL PartyBoost-compatible speakers together for stereo sound. You can pick this bluetooth speaker for under 10000 budget.

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10. Sony SRS-XB41 Extra Bass Portable Wireless Speaker:

NFC enabled completely waterproof bluetooth speaker with amazing 24-hour battery life.

The SRS-XB41 is one of the most attractive looking speakers in the premium speaker price range. Included is what Sony likes calling line light, speaker light, and flashing, which changes according to the beats of the song. This delivers a great visual experience during those outdoor evening parties. 

Live sound mode delivers a 3-D sound experience with the new DSP technology. With a massive 24 hours battery life, the only factor stopping you from continuing to listen to music would be your music playlist. Apart from Bluetooth, you can also connect over NFC to connect to the speaker.

Buttons to the top of the speaker give you control over the volume, power, and pairing of the speaker. Tucked to the rear of the speaker under a flap is a USB port, aux cable micro USB port, and dedicated power port. 

The SRS-XB41 has an IP67 rating, which not only makes the speakers water-resistant but also waterproof. The output from the speakers delivers extra bass with great clarity to deliver the ideal music listening experience.

Go for it if you are looking for a premium and powerful portable bluetooth speaker at a price of around/under 15000.

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11. Anker Soundcore 25 W Bluetooth Speaker:

Massive 25W speaker with bottom halo LED and IPX7 water resistance

The speaker offers a bass-thumping sound and a fantastic music listening experience. This is thanks to its incredible 25W output from its dual full-range drivers, which delivers excellent sound clarity. The dual tweeters ensure screech-less high tones while dual passive radiators ensure that on high volumes, there is bare minimum distortion. 

The halo ring at the base of the speaker reacts differently to beats of different songs, giving an amazing party vibe with personal customization via the SoundCore app. The upper body of the speaker is a soft mesh that gives it a premium feel. The IPX7 rating of the speaker ensures that you are not only restricted to using the speaker indoor only.

Finally, with a 20 hour of playtime, you will get a seamless audio experience with less charging between full charges.

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12. LG XBoom GO PK3 IPX7 Bluetooth Speaker:

Powered by Meridian’s audio tuning with support for aptX for CD-quality music listening experience.

Powered by Meridian, who are British pioneers in sound and support for aptX, the Go PK3 offers excellent bass and a great music listening experience. Thanks to Meridian's fine-tuning, you get great clarity and quality in the sound output of the speaker. The use of aptX allows for not only high-fidelity music but reduces the latency of the music delivering uninterrupted music. 

Thanks to the inclusion of dual-action bass feature, the output is simply outstanding. The Go PK3 also comes with multi-bluetooth pairing via which the speakers can connect to 2 bluetooth devices simultaneously. The speaker is also coated with IPX7 water-resistant coating to handle light water spills. Onboard voice assistant button activating the voice assistant on your phone along with buttons like volume, power, and play-pause gives the speaker an overall excellent handling experience. 

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So, those were the 12 best bluetooth speakers available in India. We hope you liked the article and found it helpful. We have tried to cover a very wide price range going from under Rs. 1000 to 20000. While the expensive speakers do have better sound and features, the affordable speakers under 2000 or 3000 are not bad at all. They are offering a great sound output of around 10W with decent bass. Plus, you get plenty of connectivity options as well. 


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