The 15 Best Table, Wall, and Pedestal Fans in India 2020

Updated on 2020-07-23 by Sylvester Avijit Gomes

Fans are available in various types like ceiling, table, wall, pedestal, etc. While ceiling fans are the most common ones, others like table, wall, pedestal fans have their unique use-cases. Table fans are widely used in the home on a study table or kitchen where you need a focussed flow of air. Wall fans are popular in offices and shops where they are mounted on the wall and don't occupy the space on the table or floor. Pedestal fans are used both in homes and offices.

In this article, we take a look at the best table, wall, and pedestal fans in India 2020. We have covered a total of 15 options and 5 of each type so depending on your requirement and preference, you can choose the best one. These fans are available in the price range of Rs. 1000 to 3000. So if you are looking for a fan under 1500, 2000, or 2500, you would find it here. Let's first take a look at 5 best table fans.

The 5 Best Table Fans in India

Image of best table fans in India

The table fan serves greatly when you need cool and chilled air in tight corners where you can’t place a pedestal fan or don’t have a wall to mount a wall fan. Table fans are also great for kitchen as you can get a focused airflow that won't disturb the gas flames. Let's take a look at the 5 best table fans available from various top brands.

1. Luminous Buddy Table Fan:

The entry-level table fan with a 2800RPM motor onboard for great performance

The Buddy from Luminous is one of the friendliest looking and great performing entry-level table fans that you can find. Powered by a motor that can run at 2800RPM at its max speed, the buddy delivers amazing results at an affordable price point.

The motor paired with the aerodynamic blades has an air delivery of 38cmm. This is simply put amazing and definitely serve you well. The blade is also made with PP or Poly Propylene makes it both light and long-lasting.

Finally, Buddy in total has a power consumption of 55W. Features uniquely designed finger proof ABS front guard that provides safety and least air resistivity to the air. And the beautiful Aqua Blue paint job which gives Buddy a very distinctive look and aesthetics.

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2. iBELL ZOOMT5 Table Fan:

The table fan with a built-in timer of up to 2 hours

The ZOOMT5 from iBELL offers way more than what meets the eye. For starters, the ZOOMT5 is powered by a 55W motor. This means that you are bound to get amazing air delivery.

What’s really interesting about the ZOOMT5 is its timer switch. Apart from the regular 3 button fan speed control, the ZOOMT5 comes with a dial jog that gives you control over the run time of the fan. Thanks to this dial you can decide the runtime of the fan between 20 minutes and 2 hours.

The fan also features a 5-blade design that helps deliver great airflow. The powder-coated metal grill delivers safety and longevity too. All in all, with a white and cream color cue and an amazing performance overall. You are definitely going to be happy with the performance that the ZOOMT5 has to offer.

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3. Crompton HiFlo Eva Table Fan:

The table fan with excellent air delivery of 60cmm

The HiFlo from Crompton is one of the most powerful table fans in its price segment while being efficient at the same time. At first sight, it might appear that the 1300RPM motor that powers the HiFlo is less. However, this is not the case. The HiFlo is capable of delivering up to 60cmm of air. This is truly amazing and delivers one of the best class-leading performance. The great performance, however, is highly efficient too. With a total power consumption of 50W, the HiFlo not only delivers great performance but great efficiency too.

Finally, with a sweep of 400mm. A very friendly-looking white paint job with a light blue paint job on the blade delivering great aesthetics. And a wider base along with a very sturdy built. You are bound to have a great user experience.

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4. Usha Maxx Air Table Fan:

The table fan with 100% copper motor and great performance

Usha Maxx Air is one of the best options in its price range and delivers performance that can only be called great. Powered by a motor that consumes a total of 55W, the Maxx Air has an air delivery of 67cmm which is really good. The motor used in the Maxx Air comes with a 100% Copper motor construction. This results in 2 things. One you get great efficiency for the amount of performance that you get. And two you get great longevity too.

Apart from all of this, the Maxx Air comes with an overheat auto protection for preventing the fan from damage due to overheating. You also get a jerk-free and uniform fan oscillation.

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5. Bajaj Midea Table Fan:

The table fan with 25mm stack motor and 75cmm of air delivery

If you want one of the best performing table fans without spending a ton then the Midea from Bajaj should definitely be on your list. The motor that powers the Midea is a 55W one and delivers great performance.

The Midea is capable of delivering a class-leading 75cmm of air. A great feature that the Midea comes with is the use of 25mm stacks motor. Higher the stack means stronger the performance.

Finally, the all-copper motor construction delivers great efficiency and enhances the longevity of the fan even further. The thermal overload protection adds an additional layer of protection. The acrylic blade delivers enhanced and consistent air. All of these features collectively work hand in hand to deliver you an experience that’s truly amazing and you will definitely love it. 

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The 5 Best Pedestal Fans in India

Image of best pedestal fans

The pedestal fan is the most versatile fan of all types. It delivers great performance and can be carried from one place to the other with ease depending on one’s needs. Below, we take a look into the top 5 pedestal fans which you could consider buying.

1. AmazonBasics Pedestal Fan:

The entry-level pedestal fan from AmazonBasics with 3-speed options

If you don’t want anything too fancy and are looking for a pedestal fan that gets the job done. Then considering this offering from AmazonBasics will be a great option to consider. For an entry-level pedestal fan, this is a pretty amazing performer. The fan can reach a top speed of 1456RPM which results in the air delivery of 65-73CMM. This means that you are bound to get great results.

The fan comes with a total sweep length of 400mm, 3-speed options and 3 angles of vertical tilting, and a height adjustment from 115-135cm. You can adjust the fan and its speed as per your needs.

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2. Crompton Hiflo Pedestal Fan:

The pedestal fan with a modern look and powerful air delivery

The Hiflo from Crompton is one of the best offerings in its class and packs a pretty decent punch. It comes with a decently powerful 1300RPM motor. With a minimum air delivery of 70cmm, you get results that are not only great but amazing too.

The Hiflo comes with a power consumption of 50W this makes one of the most efficient pedestal fans in its class. Other features if the Hiflo includes its oscillating control knob which allows the Hiflo to oscillate and deliver air all around.

The TOP or thermal overload protection ensures that no damage I caused to the motor due to overheating. And finally, the high-quality PP or Polypropylene construction gives great longevity and an overall amazing experience too.

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3. Atomberg Efficio+ Pedestal Fan:

The pedestal fan with power-efficient BLDC motor and remote control

This offering from Atomberg is probably one of the most unique pedestal fans in its category. Powered by a BLDC motor you can get 2 things. One long-lasting lifecycle and two excellent energy savings to thanks to the efficiency of the motor. The fan consumes only 32W power at the highest speed while other fans consume 50W or more.

The fan comes with a small remote which is very useful. The remote comes with various buttons like power, speed, timer, and oscillation. You don't need to get up to manually switch it on or off or change the speed.

Overall this is a great pedestal fan and one of the best options under 3000 and 3500 in India.

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4. Havells Swing Pedestal Fan:

The high-performance efficiency pedestal fan with jerk-free oscillation

The Swing from Havells is a proof of their amazing product legacy. The Swing is powered by a 1350RPM motor. This results in an amazing air delivery of 72cmm which will definitely meet your needs.  The Swing also features Pure copper motor construction. This means that you get great performance which is also efficient and the motor gets great longevity too. 

Up next, the Swing consumes a total of 50W of power which delivers good efficiency and balances performance equally well too. The Swing also features TOP or Thermal overload protection which prevents it from any damage due to overheating and hence increases its lifespan.

The Swing also features a 60-degree oscillation which is jerk-free. The 120 ribs design makes the fan child-proof. Elegant and yet simple design makes the Swing an amazing option to consider. Go for it if you are looking for a great quality fan under 2500.

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5. V-Guard Esfera Pedestal Fan:

The pedestal fan with remote control access and great performance.

If you are looking for one of the best experiences in the pedestal fan without having to spend a fortune, the Esfera from V-Guard is the way to go.

With a decently powerful 1350RPM motor combined with blades that are aerodynamically designed you get not only powerful results but one that is satisfying too. The Esfera consumes a total of 55W of energy which is just fine for a pedestal fan of its performance.

What’s truly amazing is that the Esfera comes with a remote controller. You get to control every single aspect of this fan without having to physically do it. You get access to the fan speed, mode, timer, and oscillation right at the palm of your hand.

Finally, with a telescopic height adjustment stand. A black and yellow color profile and amazing user experience you will truly enjoy using the Esfera from V-Guard.

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The 5 Best Wall Fans in India

Wall fans come in handy where either you cannot install a ceiling fan because of height or connectivity issues or maybe you just need the airflow directed towards a particular area. Wall-mounted fans give great versatility as they are easy to install on any wall. With a plethora of options out there it might sometimes become a little too overwhelming or confusing to choose from the options available. Here we have listed down the five best wall fans that you can buy.

1. Crompton Wall Mounted Fan:

The entry-level wall mounted fan with 400mm sweep

This offering from Crompton is an entry-level wall mounted fan which is a great option to consider. The offering features a pretty decent 1300RPM motor which comes with a sweep of 400mm. this means that the fan is capable of covering a pretty decent amount of area and the 1300 RPM helps it to deliver the great performance. 

The air delivery of this fan is 60 CMM. This means that the fan is capable of delivering a pretty decent amount of air in a very little amount of time which in turn delivers an amazing user experience.  The fan is also equipped with Thermal Overload protection. Thanks to this you get not only long-lasting results but also protection from the overheating too. 

The blades and body of the fan are made of plastic and there are pull cords available for speed and oscillation control. Overall, this is a great wall fan under 2000.

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2. Havells Swing Wall Fan:

A powerful wall-mounted fan from Havells with aerodynamically designed blades

The Swing from Havells offers way more than what meets the eye. It has a sweep of 400mm which results in an amazing experience. The fan is also powered by a 1350RPM motor which works great.

The Swing is also equipped with thermal overload protection this is the reason for the longevity of the fan too. What’s truly amazing is the use of pure copper wire construction used in the motor. This results in 2 things one you get much efficient working and two the longevity of the motor is further extended. Pull cords are available for speed control and oscillation.

All in all, it is a great fan with the excellent build quality and great performance.

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3. Bajaj Victor Wall Fan:

The wall-mounted fan with remote control

Victor from Bajaj is a great combination of both modern specs and pure performance. For beginners, Victor is powered by a very powerful 1380 RPM motor. This delivers great results and you will definitely enjoy the performance through and through.

What truly sets the Victor apart is its remote-control capability. Thanks to this you get to control up to 3 operations onboard. The remote gives you control to the wind, timer, and swing function. now to control these functions you will not have to physically get up and control it on the body of the fan.

All in all, with a total power consumption of 55W and air delivery of 75CMM and a pretty modern looking aesthetics the Victor from Baja surely delivers through and through 

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4. V-Guard Esfera Wall Fan:

The wall fan with silicon steel motor lamination

The Esfera from V-Guard is a great option to consider and delivers an amazing combination of performance and long-lasting results. For starters powering the Esfera is a pretty powerful 1350 RPM motor. The powerful motor is coupled to the fan's air sweep of 400mm which also contributes to the great results that the fan offers.

What makes the Esfera really amazing is the use of a special lamination on the motor. V-guard has very cleverly laminated the motor used onboard with silicon steel. Thanks to this you now not only get long-lasting performance but the Esfera ensures optimum usage of power too.

To add a cherry to the toping the Esfera comes also with a remote controller for the fan. This allows for wireless control of things like wind, swing, and timer on the fan itself. Speaking of the timer the Esfera can be pre-planned and set using the 7.5-hour timer feature onboard. The Esfera truly delivers and you will simply put enjoy using it.

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5. Orient Tornado Wall Fan:

The wall-mounted fan with metal blades for max performance.

The tornado from Orient is an all-metal construction fan and is built like a tank. The Tornado is powered by a 1325 RPM motor. This when combined with the metal blades onboard simply put delivers amazing results. 

Another great capability that the tornado comes with is that it has an air displacement of a massive 6030m3 per hour. This results in great air delivery and a feature that you will thoroughly enjoy.  All in all, with a very robust design and an amazing air delivery system overall the Tornado from Orient, will enhance the user experience through and through.

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So those were the 15 best table, wall, and pedestal fans available in India from various top brands like Havells, Usha, Crompton, Luminous and more. We hope the article was useful and you were able to find a new fan for your home or office.

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