5 Best Power Banks in India with 20000 mAh Capacity (Nov 2019)

Updated on 2019-11-26 by Geetansh Arora

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If you travel a lot, a power bank can be a lifesaver. Smartphone manufacturers are improving the battery capacity of smartphones and now we are seeing phones with 5000 or 6000 mAh batteries which last for 2-3 days. However, a power bank is something that can be very useful because, at times, you won't have access to a power plug. There are hundreds of power banks available, and choosing the right one can be tricky; that's why we have listed the five best power banks with 20000 mAh capacity.

We have covered 5 power banks from 5 different brands. All these power banks are priced around Rs. 1000 to 1500. The prices keep changing so please check the latest price using the links provided. In case a sale is going on, you might get some of the power banks for under Rs. 1000 only.

Here the list of top 5 power banks with 20000 mAh Capacity:

Ambrane Stylo 20k 20000 mAh Power Bank
Mi 2i 20000 mAh Power Bank
Syska Power Core 200 20000 mAh Power Bank
Portronics Indo 20D 20000 mAh Power Bank
Intex IT-PBA 20K 20000 mAh Power Bank

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1. Ambrane Stylo 20k 20000 mAh Power Bank:

Built like a tank, the power bank looks great and comes with dual input and dual output ports.

Ambrane Stylo 20k is a stylish looking power bank with 20000 mAh capacity. It is made of sturdy ABS plastic material and feels premium. The 20000 written on the body of power bank looks cool and gives it a very different look compared to the other options available. The power bank comes with dual input charging, which means you can use a Micro USB or a Type C cable to charge the device. This is very useful as the newer phones are coming with Type C ports, so you don't have to carry a separate Micro USB cable to charge the power bank. 

The power bank has 2 USB output ports, which can deliver a max of 2.4A current at 5V. There is no 9V 2A fast charging support here, so that's the only negative. The performance of the power bank is excellent, and you can expect it to charge a 4000 mAh battery phone around 3-4 times. 

Ambrane has provided a button and LED lights on the top side, which can be used to check the battery left. The power bank weighs around 370 gms and is easy to carry around.

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2. Mi 2i 20000 mAh Power Bank:

Sandstone finish and 18W fast charging are two big positives of Mi 2i power bank.


Mi 2i 20000 mAh power bank is made with PC + ABS material and has a sandstone finish, which gives it a good grip. The power bank is a bit heavy at 431 grams, which makes sandstone finish even more critical. The power bank has a nice clean design, but there's nothing special here.

The power bank has two-way quick charging, which means it can fast charge when plugged in with a fast charger, and it can also fast charge other compatible devices. The three different charging modes are 5V 2A, 9V 2A, and 12V 1.5A. There are 2 output USB ports so you can plug in your smartphone and an accessory like a bluetooth speaker or earphones etc.

The Mi power bank has a Micro USB port for charging, and there are 4 LEDs just above it to show the charging status. A Type C input charging port or a dual charging input would have been a better choice since most of the new phones have Type C ports, and you would need to carry a separate cable to charge the power bank.

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3. Syska Power Core 200 20000 mAh Power Bank:

Power Core 200 offers dual input ports at an affordable price.

This is Syska Power Core 200 power bank with 20000 mAh capacity. Syska has priced it attractively, and it comes with dual input charging options. There is a Micro USB port and a Type C port available for charging the power bank. It charges at 5V 2A so you can expect it to fully charge in around 12 hours or so. 

Like other power banks, Syska is also offering 2 output USB ports. Both ports support 5V 2A charging only, and there's no support for Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. For displaying the charge left and charging status, there are four LED lights available.

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4. Portronics Indo 20D 20000 mAh Power Bank:

Portronics Indo 20D is a lightweight power bank with a massive 20000 mAh capacity, digital display, and dual input charging.

Portronics Indo 20D is an excellent value for money power bank. The power bank weighs around 365 grams and has a nice design. There is a digital display near the top which displays the charging left. This is something that you don't see on other power banks as they usually use four LEDs to show how much charge is left. 

For charging the power bank, there are two different ports: Micro USB and Type C. Any of them can be used to charge the power bank at 5V 2A. You can expect a charging time of around 12 hours so you can leave it on charging overnight. For charging other devices, there are 2 USB ports with 5V 2A output, so you don't get any 18W charging here as well.

Overall, this is a good option from Portronics with digital display, high capacity, and dual input charging. No support for 18W fast charging is the only negative here.

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5. Intex IT-PBA 20K 20000 mAh Power Bank:

With 395 grams weight, Intex IT-PBA 20K is not too heavy and not too lightweight. The design is great and the LED torch can be very useful at times.


This is a 20000 mAh power bank from Intex, and it weighs around 395 grams. The power bank has a subtle dotted design on the bottom half while the upper half is plain white. There are 2 different USB output ports. One of them delivers 5V 1A, and the other one provides 5V 2.1A. The lower output 1A port is great for charging small devices like a smart band, smartwatch, earphones, etc. The 2.1A port should be used to charge smartphones or bluetooth speakers. 

For charging the power bank, there is just one port, and that's a Micro USB port, so you need to carry a cable if you have a smartphone with Type C port. The power bank can be charged at 5V 2A and would take around 12 hours to charge completely.

Like other brands, Intex is using four LEDs to display charging status and charge left. Intex has also provided an LED torch, which can be very useful at times if you go camping or even if there's a regular power cut at your home.

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So those were the 5 best 20000 mAh capacity power banks available in India. While the capacity is the same in all power banks, they do have differences in the number of input and output ports and charging capabilities. If you don't want to plug in your phone for a long time, going for a power bank with fast charging makes sense. If you have a smartphone with Type C port then going with the dual input power bank would be a good choice as you won't have to carry a separate Micro USB cable to charge the power bank.

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