Whirlpool 360° Bloomwash Pro Features, Price and Comparison

Updated on 2019-10-02 by Shivam Setia

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Cover image of Whirlpool 360 Bloomwash Pro Washing Machine

Whirlpool entered the Indian market more than 30 years ago with their washing machines and since then they have expanded their portfolio to Refrigerators, Microwave, Air Conditioners, Air Purifiers, and Water Purifiers. Whirlpool Refrigerators and Washing Machines have always been one of our favorite products because of their excellent build quality, great performance, and good after-sales service. Whirlpool has recently introduced a 360° Bloomwash Pro washing machine line up. This is a series of fully automatic top load washing machines and in this article, we take a look at what its features, price, variants, colors and how it compared with the competition from LG and Samsung.

Whirlpool 360° Bloomwash Pro: Where Design Meets Performance

It is safe to say that Whirlpool 360° Bloomwash Pro is the most beautiful fully automatic top load washing machine Whirlpool has made to date. Its state-of-the-art design features coupled with its power-packed performance features like in-built heater (Hotmatic Technology) and 360° Bloomwash Motion ensure up to 50* tough stains removal, making it a perfect combination of design + performance

Bloomwash Pro has a wide edge to edge design with a single piece glass lid on the top with chrome finish at the front edge. The top glass smoothly flows into the top control panel which slightly curves upwards. It is a touch control panel with no knobs whatsoever.

The touch panel also goes edge to edge with and looks very elegant. Whirlpool Bloomwash Pro has won the iF Design Award 2019 which is not surprising considering how gorgeous this washing machine is. There is a digital display as well to show the mode selected.

whirlpool bloomwash top control panel image

The washing machine has a steel body and weighs around 35 Kg. It has Wheel support at the bottom which makes it easy to move around. 

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Whirlpool 360° Bloomwash Pro Features:

Like we mentioned earlier, the design is not the only parameter where 360° Bloomwash Pro excels. Whirlpool has provided plenty of cleaning and washing features in this washing machine which makes it a compelling product. In-fact the range claims to have aced in the industry’s most stringent soil removal test.

Whirlpool claims that Bloomwash Pro is No. 1* in cleaning performance and it removes up to 50* tough stains, ensuring the best-in-class cleaning performance. Let's take a look at what all this washing machine offers:

1. Hotmatic Technology(for a superior wash & customized fabric care):

Whirlpool Bloomwash Pro range comes with an in-built heater that operates in combination with its Advanced Microprocessor and Intellisensor. The advantage of this technology is that it brings a superior & customized wash experience basis fabric type.  

How does it work?

With the help of AI + Intellisensors, the washing machine analyzes data & controls water temperature for different fabric types. The technology operates at 3 different levels - Warm, Hot and Allergen Free. The temperature varies from 35°C to 55°C respectively providing the ultimate cleaning experience basis your fabric type. Together with Advanced 360° Bloomwash Wash Action, Hotmatic Technology gets rid of up to 50* Tough Stains. 

2. Unique Wash Action - 360° Bloomwash Motion

It’s unique 360° Bloomwash Motion is designed to provide superior cleaning results. 
How does it happen?

Unlike how clothes move a horizontal circular fashion in any regular top loader, clothes in 360° Bloomwash moves in a vertical circular action, termed by Whirlpool as tumble motion action. The tumble action enables rubbing of clothes against each other creating conditions of a superior wash.  Don't worry, rubbing of clothes is in such a way that there is minimum fabric abrasion. 

bloomwash 360 degree motion image

3. 360° Spray (For Improved Cleaning & Water Saving)

The Whirlpool Bloomwash comes with a 360° Spray system. There are three nozzles located on top of the drum which sprays and recirculates the hot detergent water. It not only helps in improved rinsing but also saves up to 25%* water which means lower water bills and great for the environment as well.

image of 360 degree spray system of whirlpool washing machine

4. Max Lint Capture With Dual Lint Filter 

The prime mover has radial vanes at the bottom, which repeatedly pushes the water up, with a unique pumping tower, through the lint filter, ensuring max lint captured. 


Features That Cater to Specific Problems

While the key features ensure the most of your cleaning requirements are covered, the machine has some specific features that cater to specific needs.

1. Solving for Hard Water Problems

Hard water is a big deterrent to proper cleaning in certain regions in India. The machine has a hard water wash function specifically for such deterrents. The intelligent hard water software adapts the machine programs for washing in hard water giving better detergent action. 

2. Smart Sensors for Low Voltage & Low Water Pressure conditions

There are so many times we come across regular problems like voltage fluctuation which sometimes render our appliances in the reset mode. The machine has smart sensors built in which senses low water pressure and low voltage conditions. On normal resumption of voltage and water, the machine resumes, avoiding any inconvenience to you.

3. Laundry drying during monsoon with Power Dry

During the rainy season, it's not possible to use the balcony space to hang clothes for drying. And cramped balcony space in metro towns like Mumbai is another challenge. To cater to these problems, the machine has introduced 4 levels of drying - Gentle, Normal, Extra & Power

4. Delicates need more care: Baby Care Program 

Greater care is required while washing clothes baby and delicate clothes. This program gives gentle care for your delicate clothes by first sanitizing them at a temperature of 45 Degrees and a double rinse wash. Softener is dispensed automatically thereafter during the wash cycle giving you fresh & soft clothes 

5. Water-Savings via Catalytic Soak

Water shortage is another problem in various parts of India and this is where the Catalytic Soak feature of Whirlpool Bloomwash Pro Washing helps. The Catalytic Soak feature the soaks clothes in concentrated detergent water to ease the dirt before the motor starts working. Using this feature, the machine utilizes only about 1/3rd the amount of water and creates a high concentration of detergent which helps in getting rid of tough stains with ease.

image of whirlpool bloomwash catalytic soak feature

6. Optimum amount of detergent via Smart Detergent Dosage Feature

How much detergent is enough for a specific weight of the load? The machine answers this question with its smart detergent dosage feature. It senses the weight of clothes inside the tub before the wash and recommends detergent dosage.


Whirlpool 360° Bloomwash Pro Price, Variants, Colors, and Warranty

Whirlpool Bloomwash Pro is available in 3 different capacity variants and 2 colors.

The 7 Kg and 7.5 Kg variant is priced under Rs. 25000 and the 9.5 Kg variant is priced under Rs. 30000. If you have 3 or 4 family members, the 7 or 7.5 Kg variant will be great for you. If you have 5 or more family members then going for a 9.5 Kg variant would make sense.

Capacity Price* Colors
7 Kg 21999 Graphite, Cool Illusia
7.5 Kg 23999 Graphite, Cool Illusia
9.5 Kg 26999 Graphite, Cool Illusia

*Prices keep changing. Please check the latest price on Whirlpool, Amazon or Flipkart.

The washing machine is available in 2 colors: Graphite and Cool Illusia. The Cool Illusia color looks really cool because of the shiny silver bottom and a dark top and it is our favorite as well.

whirlpool bloomwash washing machine colors image

Whirlpool is offering a 3-year comprehensive warranty on the Bloomwash series of washing machines and a 10-year warranty on the motor and prime mover. Whirlpool has a good after-sales service network across India so if you face any issues, you are covered.


Comparison: Whirlpool 7 Kg 360° Bloomwash Pro vs LG Inverter Top Load vs Samsung Top Load (WA70M4400HV) Washing Machine

Now that we have gone through the price, features, and variants of Whirlpool 360° Bloomwash Pro top load fully automatic washing machine, it's time to take a look at how it compares with washing machines from LG Inverter 7 Kg top load washing machine and Samsung WA70M4400HV 7 Kg top load washing machine. All these washing machines are available in the Rs. 20000 to 25000 price range.

Whirpool Bloomwash vs LG vs Samsung Top Load fully automatic washing machine

Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine Comparison
  Whirlpool 360° Bloomwash Samsung Top Load LG Top Load
Capacity 7 Kg 7 Kg 7 Kg
RPM 740 680 740
Weight 34 Kg 31 Kg 32 Kg
Wash Programs 12 7 8
Warranty 3 Years + 10 Years 3 Years + 10 Years 2 Years + 10 Years

Whirlpool, Samsung and LG are the topmost brands in the washing machine segment. We will compare all the basic parameters and features of these top models to find the best top load washing machine in India in 2019. Here we are comparing the Whirlpool 360° Bloomwash Pro with Samsung top load and LG Inverter top load washing machine in the price segment of Rs 20000 to Rs 25000.

Starting with the design comparison, we can easily give this to the Whirlpool 360° Bloomwash Pro for its premium chrome finish and a very unique and stylish edge to edge lid design. On the other hand, both LG and Samsung are carrying the usual regular design. All these compared washing machines have solid build quality but Whirlpool wins by a margin in terms of design.

All these 3 washing machines have the same capacity of 7 kg so no differences there.

The power capacity of the machine is dependent on the RPM of the motor provided. Higher the rpm, the machine will be able to rotate the clothes with more power and hence better cleaning. Here the LG and Whirlpool provide a good 740 rpm motor. On the other hand, Samsung has a decent 680 rpm motor.

Whirlpool features a Hexa Bloom Impeller that moves the clothes in 360° wash motion so that the clothes rub against each other. LG has a smart motion feature that supports 3 kinds of tub movements for improving performance. Both Whirlpool and LG run edge to edge in this comparison of rpm and cleaning capabilities. One additional feature in the Whirlpool machine is that it supports hard water wash which allows it to offer improved performance if you have hard water supply in your locality.

Coming to the number of wash programs each of these fully automatic top-load machine supports. While the Whirlpool 360° Bloomwash Pro supports 12 wash programs in which you can select any one while washing the clothes, the Samsung and LG machine under comparison only supports 8 wash programs. Although each of the machines can wash all types of clothes, the Whirlpool machine supports more dedicated pre-programmed modes and offer more versatility.

In the end, comparing the warranty details, each of these machines offers a long 10 years of warranty on the motor. On the complete warranty comprising on any manufacturing defects, Whirlpool and Samsung offers 3 years of coverage while LG offers only 2 years of coverage.

So looking at the above comparison, we can say that the Whirlpool Bloomwash has an edge over the LG and Samsung machine in one or the other aspect. With better RPM, elegant design, more wash programs, this Whirlpool 360° Bloomwash Pro is one of the best top load washing machines under 25000 in India in 2019.

Whirlpool 360° Bloomwash Pro is available on Whirlpool's official website, Amazon and Flipkart.

Here are the links to get it:

Buy from Whirlpool

Buy from Amazon

Buy from Flipkart


* Numbers are according to Whirlpool's Internal Lab tests. Please refer to Whirlpool India for more details.

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